At QLERQS (pronounced like “Clerks”)

we eliminate repetitive tasks

for accounting, finance and service companies

through RPA

In less than 3 months.

Our Services


Books invoices and receipts, assigns them to accounts and creates payment slips. It’s all very simple, just like an accountant would do, without an additional user interface.


Repetitive, time-consuming activities that have a clear procedure are usually ideal for automating.


 Even if each provider has its own structure, we recognize 90% of the elements in the invoices and receipts.
Specialized in Swiss and EU invoices and receipts

Why Engage QLERQS

Not necessary to move to new software

Wir wissen, dass die Umstellung auf neue Software immer schwierig und kostspielig ist. Möglicherweise müssen Sie für die Software bezahlen. Hinzu kommen Schulungskosten. Schliesslich kann der Übergang von einer Software zu einer anderen die Ausführung einiger Aufgaben verzögern.
Mit unseren Buchhaltungsrobotern und RPA Automatisierungen können Sie die vorhandene Software weiterhin nutzen.

Allows for More Creativity in the Workplace

Mit unseren Buchhaltungsrobotern und RPA Automatisierungen erzielen Sie eine bessere Effizienz an Ihrem Arbeitsplatz. Während die Roboter den Teil der Buchhaltung übernehmen, der repetitiv und weniger qualifiziert ist, können Sie Ihre Kreativität anderweitig nutzen. Dies verschafft Ihnen Zeit um Ihre Kompetenzen für einspruchsvollere Arbeiten einzusetzen

Saves Labor Cost

By working with a robot, there are massive cost savings. The robot works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The cost of the robot work is less than that for a human doing similar work.

Periodic Checks and Control

It is always possible to check what the robot has done and if necessary, to correct it. The robot will learn from your corrections and apply the knowledge next time.

What is different with RPA
than traditional automation?

Previous automation


  • Interfaces for communication between machines
  • Integration problems
  • New software
  • Changes

RPA based automation

  • Cutting edge technologies: RPA, ML
  • The robot uses the user interface
  • Not a new system
  • The robot is just a new “employee”


Verwen­dungs­bei­spiele für unsere RPA Automa­ti­sie­rungen


  • Rechnungen buchen
  • Kontierung
  • Zahlungen
  • Aufwendung


  • Record employees
  • Create contracts
  • Follow procedures


  • Create contracts
  • Send documents for signature
  • Archive


  • Monitor complex systems
  • Restart systems
  • Messages (SMS, call, push message)


  • Fill out forms
  • Compose emails
  • Sort documents


  • Execute procedures
  • Check compliance with the budget


  • Integrate old systems with new ones
  • Integrations where there are no interfaces


  • automates financial transactions
  • enables data to be aggregated with other fintech applications

About us

  • More than 20 years of management experience
  • “Best Executive MBA Student” award at IE Business School 2019
  • Programming started before Windows
  • Former CTO of a Swiss software company
  • Always oriented towards the latest technologies


Working in IT management consulting industry with top ten biggest companies’ headquarters in the world, working for Big Four Consulting, working for the last 12 years in major Swiss worldwide well known companies in industries like consumer products, pharma, transportation, engineering, finance and insurance

I personally recommend Qlerqs and see a lot of business improvement potential through efficiency for different industries by using Qlerqs’ automation products.