Difference RPA – Previous Automation

Automation with RPA

  • We use the new cutting-edge Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology which completely solves these problems.
  • The robot can use different software and can take information from one and use in the other one in the same way as a human can do.
  • Our robots use the user interface of existing software. The used technology remains as it is, without any change and employee can work as before.
  • The robot is now a new "employee" doing the most time intensive, boring, repetitive work.
    Because of that, the empolyees can do activities that bring more values to your company.

Previous automations

xDifferent software need to communicate. this communication needs interfaces between the software types.

xMost systems and software have integration problems. The most interfaces between different software are not complete.

xChange needs knowledge and time to be applied. Some people are reluctant to change.