Our Services

For people to use their energy for meaningfull activities
we eliminate the repetitive work
by automating business processes.


The core of our services is the use of RPA to design and develop accounting robots.
We do not offer new software for accounting, but automate the process and remove the unpleasant repetitions associated with it.

Our robots are designed to use your company’s existing software and keep accounting as before. All you have to do is provide these robots with information to train them with. This means that the robots would check how similar invoices were posted and use this information to post the new invoices.


Because of the RPA technology we use, our solutions can also be used to automate many other processes. As long as the activity is repetitive, time-consuming, and has a clear procedure with few exceptions, we can automate it for your business.

This means that activities such as recording data, filling out forms, collecting documents, sending similar emails to groups of people, and creating HR documents are some examples of processes and activities we automate. We work with you to identify the business processes that can be automated and deliver a personalized solution.


We recognize the elements in an invoice or a receipt. Our recognition rate is very high.

Since each provider has its own structure, recognizing the elements in a document is a challenge.

For this we use the latest global technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, etc.